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El Paso PPC Management Helps You Gain New Customers Over Night

The power of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising lies in its ability to place your El Paso business at the top of search results instantly. This unlocks access to hundreds of people in El Paso, TX, searching for your services. But if not managed properly, it can become a costly error.

El Paso Web Design Co. PPC management service is hands-on and tailored to your local needs. Every morning, we review our client’s PPC campaigns to ensure smooth running.

We actively monitor and adjust keywords, bidding, placement, geo-targeting (specifically for El Paso), and much more to ensure your ads are reaching the right people in El Paso, TX.

We also collaborate closely with our clients to make sure that the calls and leads translate into actual sales.

Turn More Traffic Into Exclusive Calls & Customers

Specialized landing pages are key to fully leveraging PPC and achieving the best outcomes. We focus on landing pages that quickly convey your business’s essence, resulting in higher conversion rates in the El Paso market.

We constantly conduct A/B testing to optimize conversion.

What’s Included In Our PPC Management Services?

  • Keyword, competitor, and market research
  • Custom PPC campaign ad copy creation
  • Landing page design & development
  • PPC monitoring and negative keyword management
  • A/B testing for ROI improvement
  • Landing page optimization
  • Strategic management of keyword bids to maximize results
  • And more!

Our Pay-Per-Click Process

Analyze and Asses Your Target Market & Competition
We will first complete a comprehensive analysis of your competitors and market in the El Paso area to find out what’s working and what’s not.

Campaign Setup and Ads Creation
After completing our research, we then set up your ads, including headlines, descriptions, call-to-actions, and extensions.

Landing Page Design & Development
We then set up unique landing pages for each service offering that are designed to convert more visitors into calls. We perform constant A/B tests to see which variation, offers, and headlines drive the best results.

Conversion Tracking
Not tracking conversions is like flying blindfolded. We set up proper tracking for your PPC to track form submissions, calls, and sales at the campaign, ads, and keyword level, allowing us to better optimize and maximize your return on investment.

Monitoring, Management & Optimization
We don’t just set it and forget it. PPC accounts require constant monitoring and optimization. We are constantly testing, implementing, and refining your search campaigns.

Reporting & Feedback
At the end of every month, you will get a report on how your PPC campaigns are performing. You will know exactly how your money was spent and the results. We focus on tracking vital KPIs such as Cost-Per-Acquisition, Conversion Rate, and the actual Sales amount generated.

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Frequently Asked Questions About PPC Management

Does PPC Work For El Paso Businesses?

Yes, especially if managed by an experienced and local El Paso PPC agency like ours.

What can I expect from your PPC management services?

Expect better results, more calls, and a lower CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition), all tailored to El Paso’s market.

Can I do PPC myself?

You can, but without proper knowledge, you risk spending without results. Contact our El Paso PPC agency to learn more about our proven strategies.

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